Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores: Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa, INESC-ID, Portugal


INESC-ID is a private not for-profit institution dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering. INESC-ID has a strong mission to produce added value to people and society, supporting the response of public policies to scientific, health, environment, cultural, social, economic, and political challenges. INESC-ID has participated and leading several R&D+I European Union-funded projects. 

Among other areas, INESC-ID is very active in Energy transition and Sustainable Power Systems. Specifically, our team has been focused on developing new operational and planning concepts and approaches to deal with the energy system transformation, from power system management (since planning until real-time operation) to integration and management of distributed energy resources (distributed generation, storage systems, electric vehicles), along with electricity market architectures and policies. Our efforts, in close collaboration with the industry, will advance new solutions for energy storage and grid integration, assessing power quality, and reliability-related issues.  

Role in the project:

INESC-ID, the EV4EU project coordinator, will manage the EV4EU project and coordinate the whole consortium with defined financial and administrative management approaches, data quality and risk assessment strategies. INESC-ID will participate in the characterization of electric vehicles scenarios, regulatory frameworks and use-cases specification which will define subsequent activities of the project. INESC-ID will develop business models, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technologies, assess the impact of those technologies in the energy network, and participate in the implementation of these strategies in the demonstrator located in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal. INESC-ID will also lead the development of the communication, dissemination, exploitation, and innovation strategies that will enable the promotion and sharing of EV4EU research among target groups and relevant stakeholders. 


University of Ljubljana is Slovenia’s leading higher education institution with 23 faculties and three art academies. It is the largest research institution in Slovenia ranking among the top universities in new EU Member States (EU 13). Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where EV4EU is lead, is actively participating in several H2020 and Horizon Europe projects in the domain of Green transition and Smart grids.

Role in the project:

Within the EV4EU project, the University of Ljubljana is leading a work package focused on integrating V2X into smart grids and electricity markets. In this work package, strategies for planning, scheduling and operating the distribution grid will be developed, taking into account V2X and RES. Demand response programs are also being developed to consider mass deployment of EVs and services for EVs, and participation in local and regional markets based on a market platform that enables data exchange between different market participants.

In addition, University of Ljubljana is also leading and contributing to related tasks in other Work Packages.


The Power and Energy Systems (PES) division is part of the Department of Wind and Energy Systems at DTU. PES research addresses future-oriented challenges related to digital energy solutions, an interconnected energy system, and optimized electric energy technologies spanning vertically from large-scale to local energy solutions and horizontally across the various energy domains, technologies and markets.

Two research sections from PES contribute to the activities in EV4EU: EMP (E-mobility and Prosumer Integration) and DES (Distributed Energy Systems).

Role in the Project:

DTU has been conducting research in electric mobility for more than a decade. DTU has extensive experience in analyzing how electric vehicles can be actively integrated into the power system. In the EV4EU project, DTU will propose and implement models, designs, and control architectures to develop optimal Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) smart charging strategies. By doing this, DTU will provide its knowledge and resources to the other partners in the project activities, supporting the preliminary simulation analyses. The optimal V2X management strategies will then be tested in DTU Risø campus and Bornholm parking lots, where DTU will support the on-field tests and result analyses.


Smart Energy LAB (SEL) is a green dream factory for any new or improved product, service or process that contribute to accelerating energy transition, reducing transaction costs, through technology and user adoption for any B2B2X in the New Energy Downstream.

Accelerating energy transition is essential for a more sustainable future and SEL is contributing to shape the next decade on the energy sector. Being a Collaborative Laboratory, with associates from industry and academia, defines the perfect ecosystem to succeed in creating new products and services.

SEL team, together with the associates and external stakeholders ensures the development, deployment and adoption of new energy downstream solutions.

Role in the Project:

SEL, as the leader of WP3, has a dedicated multidisciplinary team in the field of customer experience who will be working in subjects related to users’ adoption, engagement, interfaces, etc.

SEL will also be supporting the Portuguese demonstrator by providing technology (testing of a new EV charger) and provide knowledge in the social sciences area.

SEL is the responsible for the definition of the Business Models for the exploitation of services and products coming out of EV4EU.


Elektro Celje is a part of the electric power system of the Republic of Slovenia and one of the five electricity distribution companies in the country. Elektro Celje is in charge of the supervision, management and operation of the electricity distribution network, as well as maintenance, construction and refurbishment of electric power distribution lines and devices in an area extending over 4,345 km2, or 22 % of the total territory of Slovenia. The dispersed lines and devices are supplying over 175,000 customers. We managed to increase the number of metering points included in the advanced metering system to 97,3 % of all metering points.

Facts about Elektro Celje:

–  We have 623 employees;

–  We are proud of our Family Friendly Company Certificate and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 Certificates;

–  The company Elektro Celje is the owner of an electricity distribution infrastructure (12,994 km of LV networks, 1,258 km of MV underground cable lines, 72 km of 110 kV overhead power lines, 2,440 km of MV overhead power lines, 19 distribution transformer substations (DTSs), 16 distribution substations (DSs) and 3,593 transformer substations (TSs);

–  We are participating in a variety of development projects in the field of smart networks and their digitalisation: H2020 BD4OPEM, OneNet, X-FLEX and iFLEX projects and 2 Horizon Europe: Enershare, Resonance and EV4EU projects.

Role in the Project:

Demonstration locations will be held in the area of Elektro Celje where existing GEN-I customers will target within the preselected substation. Elektro Celje will provide a platform for connecting the ADMS system with W2G. For participating households, a smart Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) station will be deployed. If necessary, during the V2X evaluation period, some GEN-I’s  EVs will be rented to achieve a significant demonstrator.

The main goal is to analyze the impact of the home V2X management on the grid and the capacity needed (T4.1) as well as in the VPP portfolio.


Bornholms Energi & Forsyning is the main utility company on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

The company handles the operational tasks within electricity, heating, water and waste water for a large part of the households on Bornholm and is currently involved in more than 15 large research and development projects within the four different supply ranges.


Role in the project:

Bornholms Energi & Forsyning will be involved in the Danish demo case.


HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) was formed by the separation of the Distribution Department from PPC S.A., according to L.4001/2011 and in compliance with 2009/72/EC EU Directive relative to the electricity market organization with the goal to undertake the tasks of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator. It is a 100% subsidiary of PPC S.A., however, it is independent in operation and management retaining all the independence requirements that are incorporated within the above mentioned legislative framework.   

Our company tasks include the operation, maintenance and development of the power distribution network in Greece, as well as the assurance of a transparent and impartial access of consumers and of all network users in general. We aim at providing reliable power supply to our Customers, quality of electricity voltage and constant improvement of quality in services.  

Our mission and vision is the response to our Customers’ expectations and the contribution to the development and welfare of our fellow citizens with respect to people and to the environment. 

HEDNO is the sole Distribution System Operator (DSO) in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, possessing large volumes of data about the distribution network and significant resources for effectively realizing large-scale demonstration activities. 

 Quantitative figures of the Distribution network:

 – 113.358 km of Medium Voltage Network (Μ.V.);

–  128.211 km of Low Voltage Network (L.V.);

–   241.569 Km of Network in total;

–   165.290 Substations of Medium/Low Voltage;

–   993 km High Voltage Network (H.V.) of which the 218 km are in Attica and the 775 km in the non-Interconnected islands; 

–  241 High/Medium Voltage Substations;

–  7.593,412 Customers (12.668 M.V. & 7.580,744 LV); 

–  41.983 GWH Customers’ consumptions (10.950 in M.V. & 31.033 in LV).

Key financial figures of the Distribution network: 

–  Investments (Annual investment expenditure) 174,4 million €;

–  Exploitation (Annual operating cost) 433,8 million €;

–  Annual revenues from network usage reach the amount of 710,8 million €;

–  Fixed assets of Distribution Network with residual value up to 4,8 billion €; 

–  Personnel & Organization of the Distribution network; 

– 5.820 employees;

– 5 General Departments, 23 Central Departments, 5 Regional Departments, 1 Central Unit, 58Regions, 66 Offices, 76 Branch offices.

Role in the Project:

HEDNO is the leader of WP8 (Greek demo). It fulfils the role of the DSO in the Greek demo narrative which is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the distribution network. Additionally, HEDNO provides expertise, consulting and support on all projects activities which need the DSO perspective and leads Task 1.3 on the Regulation ecosystem around EV4EU.


EDP Centre for New Energy Technologies (EDP NEW) is a subsidiary of the EDP Group with the mission to create value through collaborative Research and Development in the energy sector. EDP NEW is entirely committed to R&D with a strong focus in technology demonstration projects and low-carbon technologies. Among other areas, EDP NEW is very active in the topics of Smart Energy Systems, Electromobility, Positive Energy Communities, Smart Cities and Buildings, Renewable Energy, Storage and Flexibility and Digitalization. EDP NEW has carried out work in several EU H2020 and Horizon Europe in all the energy value chain, adopting an integrated and sustainable approach towards disruptive solutions that empower its partners and bring value to the shareholders.

Role in the project:

EDP NEW is responsible for the Portuguese Demonstrator at Sao Miguel Island, Azores, where several use cases related with Vehicle-to-Home, Vehicle-to-Building and Vehicle-to-Grid will be validated. Moreover, EDP NEW is leading several tasks notably V2X integrated in self-consumption HEMS and Impact and strategies for V2X and RES in distribution grid planning.


GEN-I is one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies on the European energy market, and the first Slovenia supplier of exclusively carbon-free electricity. The GEN-I group supplies electricity to all segments of end-costumers: households, small business customers, industry and public contracting authorities, with all the supply been exclusively from carbon-free sources of energy since 2021.

GEN-I trades in several types of energy products in 22 countries, from France in the West to Ukraine and Turkey in the East. GEN-I is present on all major energy exchanges within and outside Europe, with a trading volume that reaches approximately 10 times the total consumption of electricity in Slovenia, with the Company ranking highest in terms of trust and respect for a number of years now by the largest international survey among energy dealers: Energy Risk Commodity Rankings.

Role in the Project:

GEN-I is leading the Slovenian Demonstrator where it will be tested the V2X Flexibility in Electricity Markets.  GEN-I is also leading several tasks such as the Integration of V2X in Charging Point Operators and Virtual Power Plants Aggregation and the EV4EU Innovation Strategy.


PPC (Public Power Corporation) was founded in 1950 and till today is the leading electricity generation and supply company in Greece, with activities in the generation, distribution and sale of electricity to consumers, serving approximately 6 million customers throughout the country. It has 10,4 GW of generation capacity in Greece, with thermal and hydroelectric power plants as well as Renewable Energy Sources installations.

PPC is at the forefront of research via innovative projects and experimental actions.  The activities include the provision of services not only to the units of PPC Group but also to third parties. The services provided include tests in the certified laboratories, accreditations, research, inspections in the areas of PPC Group, instrument calibration, specialized studies, applications and analyses, specialized consultation studies, as well as materials’ and general equipment inspections for quality control of existing and under purchase items of all types of installations. The operation of its testing research center is extended so as to satisfy the needs of high scientific level and specialized requirements for the wider Public Sector, as well as for Industries and craft industries both in Greece and abroad.

Role in the project:

PPC has an essential role in the project regarding the V2X management chain. PPC, owning a function of Charging Point Operation (CPO), already manages a large set of charging stations and services for EV users in GR, and has essential knowledge in developing the platform and the integration of different services and apps.

The scope of PPC is the definition, design, and implementation of the Open V2X Management Platform (O-V2X-MP) to support the next generation of V2X and user-friendly and ergonomic APIs and APPs. More than creating a good platform with performant algorithms, the focus will be on supplying the users’ needs, while increasing their engagement in using the system. It is important to mention that PPC has already developed a management platform for EVs charging monitoring that will be used as the starting point for the platform that will be developed in the project. However, a significant re-design is expected to integrate all the V2X possibilities, the communication with EVs, and new business models (services).


Circle Consult – Electronics, mechanical and software  – development from concept to finished product.This includes hardware, software, Artificial Intelligence, PCB layout, mechanical design, EMC and environmental testing – and project management.

We have the most skilled employees in the industry, we are technologically leading and have an innovative and methodical approach to our solutions – based on robust standards and processes.

We provide manpower with the right skills at the right time.

We follow market trends and test new technologies in order to select the best components and solutions for our customers.

Role in the Project:

Work package leader of Danish demonstration as well as technology provider for said demonstration.

We manufacture and supply EV charger, measurement equipment, Cloud service, payment portal, data acquisition tools, EV charge controller algorithms as well as grid coordination algorithms.


EDA is the electricity utility of the Azores and is responsible for the production and acquisition, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electricity in all nine islands of the Azoream Archipelago. 

Role in the Project: 

EDA´s role in EV4EU is to contribute with the experience and knowledge of operating 9 microgrids and assist the implementation of the Portuguese demonstrator. 


The Regional Directorate for Energy is part of the Secretariat for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructures, an executive service of the Azorean Government. We are focused on the development of a long-term policy towards decarbonization. We are responsible for adopting European and national legislation to the regional context as well as proposing our own. We drive the regional policies and programs for energy, namely energy efficiency programs, renewable energy generation, energy transition, sustainable mobility, promotion of energy literacy and cooperation with other regions.

Role in the project:

The Portuguese demonstrator of the project will be carried out in the Azores.

The Regional Directorate for Energy will facilitate and participate in the demonstration activities in São Miguel Island, providing electric vehicles to validate Use-Case 5 – V2X management in buildings. The tests in the vehicles of the Regional Government of the Azores will be carried out during their current daily operations.

Moreover, we will take part in involving the local community and stakeholders in every step of the project, though communication and dissemination of the results.


Since 2018, virtually all educational activities on Bornholm have been gathered in the newly established Campus Bornholm, which today teaches approx. 1500 young people and 4000 adults a year. 

The campus building also contains a number of external institutions that are part of the expanded campus community. 

Our common vision is to create an educational beacon on Bornholm that offers high-quality education and strengthens the synergies between the individual educational directions for the benefit of both society and environment.

Role in the Project:

The role of Campus Bornholm as a partner in the EV4EU project is to provide a test area for the project on the school premises by the end of 2023.


Citroën has been established in 1919 by André Citroën. Citroën has been creating cars, technologies, and mobility solutions to meet society’s changing needs. A brand characterized by boldness and innovation, Citroën places peace of mind and well-being at the heart of its customer experience and offers a wide range of models, from the distinctive Ami, an electric vehicle designed for the city, to saloons, SUVs and commercial vehicles, most of which are available in electric or rechargeable hybrid versions. Citroën is a pioneer in services and the attention paid to its private and business customers. It has a presence in 101 countries and a network of 6,200 sales and service outlets around the world.

The signature of the brand, “Inspired by You” condenses the philosophy of Citroën, that is based on the passion for designing and manufacturing technological solutions and applications that provide tangible benefits to the consumers. The broad range of Citroën models focus on the needs and expectations of the users, providing integrated solutions that stand out for their boldness and usability.

Citroën Hellas

AIGLON S.A. – was founded in 1965 by George and Theodora Syngelidis and since then has been the official importer-distributor of Citroën, Peugeot and DS Automobiles cars in Greece. In order to provide the best possible service to its customers, by offering products with excellent quality services, AIGLON S.A. follows a very dynamic course. With a widely developed network of authorized dealers, AIGLON S.A. grants the security of a responsible customer support during -and more importantly – after the purchase of a vehicle. Alongside with the retail sales via the authorized dealer network, AIGLON S.A. has developed a strong presence in the fleet market and the public sector too. The three brands operate through a network 85 sales and service points nationwide in Greece and enjoy one of the highest market shares in Europe.


ABB inženiring is part of ABB group which is global leader in Electric vehicle charging technology.

Role in the project:

ABB inženiring will supply demo V2G chargers for EV4EU demonstration sites in Slovenia.