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  • Deliverable 1.1 – Electric Road Mobility Evolution Scenarios. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Deliverable 1.2 – Impact of V2X in energy and power systems. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Deliverable 5.1 – Information Exchange needs to enable different UCs. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Deliverable 10.1 – Plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results including communication activities. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Deliverable 11.1 – Data management Plan. DOWNLOAD PDF
Scientific publications

Get to know more about EV4EU project with our scientific publications


  • Marques, J., Soares, T., Morais, H., P2P flexibility markets models to support the coordination between the transmission system operators and distribution system operators. Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, 2023, in press. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Müller, N.; Marinelli, M.; Heussen, K.; Ziras, C.; On the trade-off between profitability, complexity and security of forecasting-based optimization in residential energy management systems,
    Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, 2023, 34,101033. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Cavalcante, I.; Júnior, J.; Manzolli, J.A.; Almeida, L.; Pungo, M.; Guzman, C.P.; Morais, H. Electric Vehicles Charging Using Photovoltaic Energy Surplus: A Framework Based on Blockchain. Energies 202316, 2694. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Mardani Korani Z., Moin A., Rodrigues da Silva A., Ferreira J.C. Model-Driven Engineering Techniques and Tools for Machine Learning-Enabled IoT Applications: A Scoping Review. Sensors. 2023; 23(3):1458. DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Morais, H.: New approaches for Electric Vehicles Charging Management in Parking Lots considering fairness rules. Electric Power Systems Research, 217, 109107 (2023). DOWNLOAD PDF


  • Ma, W., Hu, J., Yao, L., Fu, Z., Morais, H., Marinelli, M.: New technologies for optimal scheduling of electric vehicles in renewable energy-oriented power systems: A review of deep learning, deep reinforcement learning and blockchain technology. Energy Convers.  Econ. 3, 345359 (2022). DONWNLOAD PDF
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Talks and Presentations
  • EV4EU: Addressing VGI barriers, IEA HEV TCP TASK 43, Reevaluation of barriers to VGI Workshop,  Date: 15May2023,  Authors: Hugo Morais (INESC ID), Panagiotis Pediaditis (HEDNO). VIEW PRESENTATION
  • EV4EU: Electric Vehicles Management for carbon neutrality in Europe, EU Project Forum, AVERE Workshop, Brussels, Date: 25thApril 2023,  Authors: Hugo Morais (INESC ID), Mattia Marinelli (DTU). VIEW PRESENTATION