Denmark – Risø Campus Bornholm

Location: Risø​ and Campus Bornholm in Rønne, Bornholm Island, Denmark ​

The first location (Risø) is part of the world-class facility SYSLAB16, already successfully used in multiple EU and Danish research projects, including the ACDC project.

As part of the Danish-funded ACDC Project, the facility has been equipped with 8 controllable chargers (each charger has 2outlets capable of supplying up to 11+11 kW), which can be autonomously controlled to provide behind-the-meter services such as limitation of consumption at the point of common coupling or maximization of the consumption of locally produced renewable energy from PV plants and wind turbines.

The second location is at Campus Bornholm (Rønne, Bornholm Island) that offers 25 vocational educational courses, teaching about 1,500 young people and 4,000 adults a year. Campus Bornholm has a 180kW rooftop PV plant, its own 10/0.4 kV transformer station, 124 parking lots at Minervavej, and 372 car arrivals per day. As part of the EV4EU project, 6 chargers (each charger has 2 outlets) of a similar technology installed at Risø will be installed in Campus Bornholm.

The demonstrator aims to test different methods of energy management in buildings and parking lots, integrating renewable energy production. 

The main objectives are:

  • To demonstrate the technical feasibility of the autonomous distributed charging process of independently controlled electric vehicles to fulfil grid services and maximize utilization of locally produced renewable energy.
  • To demonstrate and compare, in parking lots (UC1) and buildings (UC2), the benefits of V1G with V2X.
  • To measure the power exchange rates between parking lots and distribution grid considering DR programs (UC3) based on price signals sent by the DSO (UC4).
  • Timeline: Installation to begin in August 2023.

4 User-Cases (UC) will be tested in the Danish Demonstrators:

  • V2X management in parking lots
    This UC intends to demonstrate the management of V2X in parking lots with different characteristics (time and duration of parking).​ This UC will test different business models that can be used by the parking manager, the test of autonomous control of charging stations, the integration with the parking lot reservation, and the coordination with renewable energy (RES).
  • V2X management in buildings
    This UC will demonstrate the management of V2X in buildings in both demonstration sites. One of the most important aspects to be demonstrated is the coordination with RES to reduce the energy exchange between the building and the distribution network. The management of peak power avoiding additional investments in the electric system will also be tested.
  • New Demand Response and flexible capacity contracts
    The goal of this UC is to demonstrate the participation of parking lots in demand response programs (DR)  considering coordination with RES.​ The tested DR will be based on prices and incentives.
  • Activation of V2X services by Distribution System Operator (DSO)
    In this UC the DSO will define price signals according to the network operation conditions and the coordination between V2X and renewables.

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