Slovenia – Krško and Elektro Celje

Location: Krško and Elektro Celje

The first location is the business office building in Krško with already integrated demo equipment. The facility has been equipped with 6 controllable charging stations (each charger has 2 outlets capable of supplying up to 22 kW), which can be autonomously controlled to provide behind-the-meter services. 

The second location will target existing GEN-I customers within the preselected substation (in the area of Elektro Celje). For participating households, a smart V2X station will be deployed. If necessary, during the V2X evaluation period, some GEN-Is EVs will be rented to achieve a significant demonstrator. 

The demonstrator aims to test the impact of V2X on the electricity network, the energy market and system services. 


4 Use- Cases (UC) will be tested in the Slovenia Demonstrator:

  • V2X management by a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
    Tests will consider the aggregation of V2X flexibilities with other resources (generation and storage) taking into account the participation in multiple services and markets.​
  • Participation of V2X in electricity markets
    This UC will demonstrate and evaluate the participation of V2X, aggregated with other resources, in markets at the national level (energy market, ancillary services markets). This UC intends to understand the users’ advantages of V2X participation in these markets and the impact that mass participation of V2X can have in these markets. The models will be integrated into real tools, but participation in real markets is dependent on the market pre-qualification process that can take a long time. If participation in real markets is not possible, the services will be validated using market emulation tools.
  • Participation of V2X in Grid Services 
    This UC will demonstrate and evaluate the participation of V2X, aggregated with other resources, in markets and services at the local level.​ The demonstration will focus on the contribution of V2X to solve problems in distribution systems.
  • Activation of V2X services by Distribution System Operator (DSOs)
    This UC aims to evaluate the integration and communication between VPPs and Advanced Distribution management Services (ADMS), activation of VPP for ADMS system, and activation triggered by ADMS operators​

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