• Aerogeradores_Graminhais, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
  • Geotermia Pico Vermelho, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
  • Geotermia Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Portugal
  • Lagoa do Fogo, São Miguel, Portugal
  • Sete Cidades, São Miguel, Portugal

Portugal – São Miguel (Açores)

Location: São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

São Miguel is the largest Island of the Azores archipelago, which is an autonomous region of the Portuguese Republic located around 1500 km from Lisboa. São Miguel counts with 133 390 inhabitants (2021 census) and has 744.6km2 and 65 km long, ranging from 8 to 16 km in width. The main sectors of activity are agriculture (livestock farming and dairy industry), tourism, and fishing.
In 2021, the total electricity injection in São Miguel was 423 GWh, of which 40.2% (49.4% in 2020) are renewable/endogenous origin, being Geothermal energy the primary renewable source with 30% of the total production. The island is not electrically interconnected with another system.

The demonstrator aims to test V2X strategies that facilitate electric vehicle charging in homes, building and companies. 


5 Use- Cases (UC) will be tested in the Portuguese Demonstrator:

  • Cost-Effective V2X station
    A prototype of the V2X station will be tested. The tests will include the communications setup with EVs and O-V2X-MP and power supply, and the evaluation of business models.
  • V2X management in Houses
    This UC will evaluate the Vehicle-to-House management strategies in individual houses.The demonstrator will be implemented in 5-8 houses, and at least one will have a photovoltaic (PV) system. This UC will evaluate the performance of algorithms developed based on the dynamic evaluation of the devices´ priorities, test opportunity cost functions and assess the user’s concerns and perceptions of V2X.
  • V2X management in Buildings
    This UC will test Vehicle-to-Building management systems integrated into a building, aiming to reduce the energy bill by coordinating the V2X with the building consumption.
  • V2X management in Companies
    This UC will evaluate the methodologies developed to allow a better company fleet management. V2X stations will be used for a coordinated smart charging and V2X of the company’s EV fleet together with EVs from both the employers and visitors parked at the company.
  • Activation of V2X services by Distribution System Operator (DSOs)
    This UC aims to activate Frequency Containment Reserve services and to evaluate the participation of V2X. Comparison between V2X and V1G will be performed.

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